BIPA - Business Information Providers Association

The Association’s primary purpose is to promote economic growth and reduce financial crime by facilitating access to business information. This information is essential because it helps to reduce the risk inherent in business transactions; deters fraud; and facilitates the granting of credit.

Secondly, the Association facilitates communication between the commercial Credit Reference Agencies, government and the business community to create greater awareness of the data held; how this data is used; and how it benefits business decisions and responsible lending.

Latest News

White Paper – The Importance of Trade Credit to post-Covid Economic Recovery

BIPA announces the publication of a White Paper setting out the important role Trade Credit plays in the UK economy and how the Government should take steps to safeguard it in the face of economic uncertainty.

In the context of economic turbulence precipitated by the Covid-19 pandemic and subsequent inflationary pressures, BIPA highlights why the availability of Trade Credit may be under threat and details the key steps Government can take to protect and enhance the role of Trade Credit in the post-Covid economic recovery.

With inflation taking hold across the world, and the increased pressure on input prices, in particular as a result of the war in Ukraine, the ability of businesses to understand the current facts about the entities they are dealing with, and to take risk-based decisions accordingly has never been more important. We highlight our concern that if business failures increase, confidence in extending unsecured trade credit may be dealt a blow. In turn, this will have a dampening impact on the economic recovery.

We set out 3 key actions the Government can take which we believe can safeguard the on-going ability of businesses to trade with each other in confidence:

  • Make Government-held data sets – in particular the employee numbers collected via Real Time Information – available to selected Third Parties
  • Give urgent priority to bringing forward legislation to enact proposed reforms to Companies House
  • Enact the recommendations previously made by BIPA in the White Paper “VAT Registration Information” dated 26 April 2019

We welcome input from interested parties who can support our aims.


    The Covid-19 crisis is first and foremost a humanitarian crisis and all our members are putting people first in their response. As an industry body, BIPA believes that our role during this crisis is to ensure that the economy continues to benefit from informed credit decisions and we are reaching out to government and other stakeholders to offer our help in whatever way we can. We will provide updates as appropriate.