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Current Activity

BIPA members will be reviewing and responding to a recent Consultation issued by the Department for Business Innovation and Skills (BIS):

October 2013

BIS Consultation Paper "Company Filing Requirements"

As part of its commitment to reducing unnecessary burdens under the Red Tape Challenge the Government has launched an open consultation which will run until 22 November 2013.

The Government is consulting on proposals to remove duplication, simplify filing requirements and reduce burdens on companies when filing information with Companies House while also seeking to address known issues with information on the register.

BIPA’s response can be assessed here

BIPA members will be reviewing and responding to a recent Consultation issued by HM Revenue & Customs

July 2013

HMRC Consultation “Sharing and publishing data for public benefit”

This consultation invites views on proposals for HMRC to increase the scope for the department to share non-identifying information (that is, information that does not relate to identifiable individuals or legal entities), and on proposed safeguards. Options cover general and aggregate data as well as anonymised data sets.

HMRC also seeks views on the potential benefits, costs / risks and necessary safeguards for proposals to share VAT registration data, either publicly or under controlled conditions for specified purposes, for example, credit rating. Views are welcome on the principles underlying these proposals and on the suggested approaches to implementation.

BIPA's response can be accessed here

BIPA strongly supports the opportunity presented by this initiative and will be publishing its comments shortly. BIPA members are continuing to work closely with HMRC in developing these proposals.

BIPA members will be reviewing and responding to a recent Discussion Paper issued by The Department for Business Innovation and Skills (BIS):

July 2013

BIS Discussion Paper “Transparency and trust: enhancing the transparency of UK company ownership and increasing trust in UK business”.

Proposals to enhance corporate transparency by improving our ability to know who really owns and controls UK companies.

BIPA has been in consultation with the Institute of Credit Management to discuss ways in which the Prompt Payment Code Can be better promoted to British business. These discussions are on-going.

July 2013

BIPA noted the publication of Professor Russel Griggs’ second annual review of the Banking Taskforce Appeals Process

June 2013

BIPA engaged with Professor Griggs and also the British Bankers Association (BBA) in order to clarify and explain the role played by CRAs in supplying information that was then used by banks as one of the elements in their loan application decision process.

In addition BIPA worked with and advised the BBA in the production of their latest guide Business Credit Scoring Explained which has been developed to aid small businesses who are applying for business loans.

BIPA members have reviewed and responded a recent Consultation Paper issued by The Department for Business Innovation and Skills (BIS):

March 2013

BIS Consultation “Simpler financial reporting for micro-entities: the UK's proposal to implement the 'Micros Directive'”.

The European Union has recently defined a new category of company, the ‘micro-entity’. Micro-entities are very small limited liability companies and qualifying partnerships.

The consultation sets out proposals for the UK implementation of the European Directive exempting micro-entities from certain financial reporting obligations. The government is seeking views on how best to implement the Micro Directive, which permits several exemptions.